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Our Services


Marketing and media translations

Does your company publish daily, weekly or monthly content that needs translating into several languages? With our experience in managing large-scale marketing and media projects, we have the resources to provide you with just what you need.

Thanks to our database of carefully chosen translators, we can prepare a tailored team of translators with a deep understanding of your field’s language and style.

By translating your marketing and media content, you can reach a potentially global audience from a wide variety of countries. Your clients will get a good first impression of your company in their native language – and people are more likely to be interested in a product when they read a well-written text!

At Keighley&Kashi we specialise in European languages, mainly but not limited to: Spanish, English, French, German, Catalan and Italian. We have also completed numerous projects in Hebrew, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese and others.

Some of our main fields of expertise are: marketing, media, publishing, new media, journalism, magazines, blogs and websitesAdditional Keighley&Kashi Translations specialities: subtitle translations, real estate translations, financial translations, app translations, CV translations, and more!

By hiring our services, you’ll join other leading marketing and media companies such as Lonely Planet, McCann, PlayGround, Cymerman Media and Llorente&Cuenca.

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Our team members aren’t only required to have a strong grasp on grammar, but also to have mastered the secrets of a wide variety of styles. If you aren’t writing in your mother tongue, you want your documents to sound more professional or even if you just want an extra pair of eyes to review your work, you can leave your texts in our hands and no one will find any fault with what you print, send or publish.


When we write in a hurry or have to write many texts a day it is very normal for our texts to contain typos and other small gaffes. Send us your texts and we will soon return them error-free and ready for publication.



If you’re a journalist, a researcher or a law enforcement official you probably have to often transcribe long recordings of interviews - and this can take up a lot of time you simply don’t have. Send us your recordings and we’ll do the job for you. We guarantee full efficiency and confidentiality.

Contact Us

Sivan +972 3 7635296 

Paul +34 662568025

Email: info@knktranslations.com