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Keighley & Kashi

Hi! We are Paul and Sivan, co-founders of Keighley & Kashi Translations. After more than five years working as independent translators, we decided to found our own company, based on our common love of languages and words. We have been steadily growing since then with many good memories and satisfied clients – including Lonely Planet, PlayGround, The Cyranos / McCann, Llorente & Cuenca, Cymerman Media and SERHS Hotels. We are now proud to count with a team of carefully chosen translators among which we are sure to find a match for your needs.

Sivan Kashi

is a bilingual English and Hebrew speaker. Eternally attracted to anything related to writing, she has dipped into various fields over the years, including editing, journalism and translating. She even worked in two of Israel’s most important publishing houses: Kineret Zmura-Bitan Dvir and Trakling-Gvanim. With  BA studies in Literature and a Diploma in Translation under her belt, she is now looking forward to learning more languages such as Spanish and Arabic.


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Paul Sánchez Keighley

was born in South Africa and raised in Catalonia, Spain, making him fluent in English, Spanish and Catalan. He obtained a BA in Journalism in 2013 and is never far from Theodore M. Bernstein’s Modern Guide to English Usage. He has lived in Israel since 2012, where he started to tackle Hebrew while working as a translator and a journalist – often at the same time!


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Contact Us

Sivan +972 3 7635296 

Paul +34 662568025

Email: info@knktranslations.com